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Wedding hair tutorial Formal elegant bun Prom party updo hairstyle for medium long hair

I’m wearing Glam Time clip in hair extensions http://www.GlamTimeHair.com in a high ponytail according to the technique I’ve shown in http://youtu.be/sVCeGWl…

25 Responses so far.

  1. maggie rohn says:

    I love this!

  2. Faith dahl says:

    Thank you!!! I’ve always wanted 2 know how to do this!!! In going to wear
    it for my birthday this Saturday :)

  3. Weici Wlx says:

    Where can I buy the nice hair accessory ?

  4. Rose Al Marzooqi says:

    I love u so much Lilith, Thank u <3 !

  5. justaksh says:

    Very beautiful!

  6. reginaannflanagan says:


  7. TheErinKAYz says:

    omg my god yu are brilliant

  8. Lythanda80 says:

    what do you think, is this Hairstyle similar to the hairstyle in the movie
    “maid in manhatten”? I would like to make my hair like Jennifer Lopez for
    my wedding. the scene in the apricot colored evening dress.

  9. MissMakeupDarling says:

    Very pretty! :)

  10. soonnic says:

    loved it

  11. Bienanou says:

    I tried this yesterday and it was gorgeous ! I wish I had a picture of it
    too send it to you ! Which music are you using, btw?

  12. Georgina Sheehan says:

    do you add in the bit of hair that you slide it all up on? ps your
    hairstyles are so glamorous I love it

  13. Mikayla Mahone says:

    It looks soo pretty!

  14. Katerina Belikov says:

    That hairstyle is so beautiful! :)

  15. Cassandra Samara says:

    wow fantasticcccccccccccccccccccccccc i wanna di this

  16. Abigail Burgoyne says:

    I think this would look really cute for school with a bow on top… it’s
    just really quick!

  17. Harjot Aulakh says:

    It’s so pretty

  18. maria glambert says:

    amazing♥♥♥i loved it♥♥♥

  19. Simona Simo says:


  20. mylen m says:

    thats really amazing..omg

  21. Trudee Heavner says:

    Very cute!

  22. Keti Visage says:

    классно! просто супер !!! ) super …i like it ! )))

  23. Nuran Love says:

    you’re amazing thankssssssssssssss ^_^

  24. almorsel12000 says:


  25. Kristina Dela Cruz says:

    Thank you so much i’ve learn so many hair style from you..and i try this
    one just last week on my sister’s wedding i admire you a lot

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