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Wedding Hair Tutorial- Short Hair


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  1. halliebug1 says:

    A prom for grade 8? A dance maybe… But a prom? I don’t have a grade 8 prom! Im in grade 8. Wtf!?!?

  2. naheed farooq says:

    nice video…i like ur style

  3. y05nerd22 says:


  4. ruthk33 says:

    Stunning! I love it! I’m getting married Saturday and I keep on changing my mind on how I want to do my hair…this may be it :)

  5. af wahiba says:

    woooooooooooooooooooow Amazing and Easy

  6. jade dowling says:

    good for u :P

  7. 98betterthanyou says:

    i’ve checked out some of your other videos and you are so talented at make up, hair, and nails

  8. kmabyrock says:

    is beautiful!!! NICE

  9. misznutorious says:

    Were naturally curly?! My hair is a mixture of curls and waves. Will it work for my hair type?!

  10. chopnstir says:

    Quick n easy to do! Thankyou so much this is what I was looking for….

  11. Freddy6670 says:

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  12. Lilly50217 says:

    How do u hav such good hair? Wat shampoo and conditioner do u use?????

  13. starlinjazz123 says:

    Wow! Love it loads! Always wanted to know how to do it :)

  14. 445aarti says:

    to good..thanku so much for posting

  15. fikmel says:

    omg!! you are soooooo great!!!!

  16. nourahali86 says:

    Its messy

  17. NevantaMedia says:

    Wow.. this is really great. Nevanta is proud to be the official online partner of Punjab International Fashion Week, 2012

  18. SandraLovCodySimpson says:


  19. annina252 says:

    It always seems so easy when they do it…

  20. Ice Lockheart says:

    How can she do it by herself? O.o

  21. SarahJacksonOuk says:

    It always seems so easy when they do it… =’(

  22. starlinjazz123 says:

    I can never do it

  23. ashleyyzylemon says:

    So smart:)

  24. lintuxable says:

    all right..I give up!!! that style seems so impossible for me >,<"

  25. MegaAna101 says:

    why am I watching this? I dont even have a boyfriend.

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