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Wedding Hairstyles: 6 Hot Hair Accessories – The Knot

Looking for a great wedding day hairstyle? Check out some favorites from TheKnot.com here: weddings.theknot.com Want to top off your wedding day look with something special? Watch as TheKnot.com presents the six hottest bridal hair accessories. From glamorous barrettes and combs to a vintage-inspired cage veil, brides will love these unique accents. Look for a fingertip veil that will work with gowns of all silhouettes for both formal and informal events, along with a dramatic comb with sparkly rhinestones that will turn even the simplest updo into a stunning statement. Embellished hairpins and a skinny metallic headband accessorized with a floral comb round out our list of beautiful toppers. Featured designers include Jennifer Behr, Tia Mazza, J. Crew, Bride’s Head Revisited, Thomas Knoell and Erica Koesler. Try out different hairstyles without setting foot in a salon! Check out our great virtual hair makeover tool at planning.weddingchannel.com Plan your wedding at www.theknot.com with inspiring images from real weddings, 13000-plus local vendors, personalized planning tools, modern advice, and a 24 community!

13 Responses so far.

  1. bunnycakes011508 says:

    I love the flowers in her hair!

  2. Mika20 says:

    I love between the flower piece, headband, and the birdcage veil.

  3. naturesuphoria says:

    I recently came across you youtube account and thought to say hi.

  4. Dorsa blue says:

    love the second one !!!

  5. dayawk says:

    I love the hair pins. Does anyone know the designer and whrere i can purchase them?

  6. searchlight11 says:

    Why are they all blonde?

  7. renodevon says:

    go to ebay bought my daughter flowers for her hair and the hairdo came out beautiful! Plus was very reasonable.

  8. diayang says:

    I love hair do number 3 does anyone know how to do this look?

  9. tauruslove88 says:

    It’s the same model

  10. dada kk says:

    Looking for the perfect updo for your special wedding day? Check out hairstyles 101 dot org for some great articles and videos on hairstyles and updoes and wedding styles.

  11. Brittany Stewart says:

    Love the hair styles!!!!

  12. GluttonForSex says:

    As a guy with blond hair and blue eyes, I’ll never understand this near racist obsession that the media keeps having with the Aryan woman. :-/

  13. murdomac101 says:

    i like tigerlilybee for great wedding hairstyles

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