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Wedding hairstyles for long hair tutorial Easy elegant updo Fryzura na dlugie wlosy

I’m wearing Glam Time clip in hair extensions http://www.GlamTimeHair.com I talk about them in detail in http://www.youtube.com/user/lilithedarkmoon?feature=…

24 Responses so far.

  1. Vasilisa Wu says:

    are you russian?

  2. chantellwalden says:

    Cool. I hope it dint fall out when wind blows by. Fingers crossed

  3. peter pan says:

    Wow! This really is an amazing braid/bun! You make everything look so easy! :p

  4. Kalyani Sunil says:

    i love all ur tutorial ..these r amazing …now i like my hair coz of u ..i can make hairstyle very easy way ,,thank you lilith moon :)

  5. Shonomatopoeia says:

    Followed the steps. Grabbed a mirror to see what it looked like in the back. I figured I probably messed it up somehow. I looked in the mirror and exclaimed “Oh my, that’s beautiful! And I did it by myself!” Your tutorials are certainly improving my hairstyling confidence. Thank you!

  6. Lilith Moon says:

    Congratulations, dear! I’m so happy to hear about your success! :) )

  7. shilpa chadha says:

    I seriously love your tutorials hun.. so simple and beautiful :) ..this one I will defiantly try :) ) thankyou :) )

  8. jranon2291 says:

    because of your hair tutorials,I became an instant icon in my work place..∩__∩ thanks to you

  9. kameniu says:

    Uwielbiam Twoje filmy! To uczesanie wręcz ubóstwiam! Jesteś super zdolna!! Pozdrawiam :)

  10. Laurie D Ghent says:

    I am SO glad I found your channel! My hair is just like yours, but it won’t hold a curl worth a darn, so it’s really hard for me to find ways to do it. On top of that, I’m not very coordinated, so complicated styles are a definite no go. I can do everything I’ve tried that you’ve posted (of course, it’s not perfect, but that’s my uncoordination speaking), and everyone compliments my hair all the time. THANK YOU!!!!!

  11. aalmamx says:


  12. jcm0086 says:

    You are so talented and all your hairstyles look beautiful :-)

  13. anomaliiia says:

    it’s fast, simple, beautiful and I can do it by myself, thank you ! :)

  14. muffin122789 says:

    i totally hear parakeets lol

  15. semoshan says:

    انا حقا اشكرك

  16. BlChockolatte says:

    Tytuł po polsku? Wow :D

  17. Nalan Martin says:

    When I discover you I was the happiest lady in the world.! All your updos are perfect! I have been using most of it on my clients and they are loving it too. I visit your tutorials almost every day. Thank you so much!! You are the best:)

  18. robinsings says:

    Using this for a ball today.. TY lilith!

  19. way2hott4u41 says:

    Prześliczne! Dziękuje bardzo!

  20. urbanhipst3r says:

    Beautiful! Maybe doing this tomorrow(:

  21. Nicky Best says:

    do you show hair styles for shorter hair?

  22. Will Fredo says:

    Elegante sencillo y bonito.Saludos desde México.

  23. Rella Patrianisella says:

    This hair is gorgeous and you’re so beautiful. but i was wondering if you have a tutorial inspired by Selena Gomez? A messy textured updo with loose curly tendrils around her face at the 2010 NAACP Awards. to search for the picture you can use keyword “Popstar Selena Gomez donned a messy textured updo with loose curly tendrils around her face at the 2010 NAACP Awards.” on google.. i think her hair is gorgeous too, and i’d like to try it. May be you can help me. Thanks before :)

  24. agentvang70 says:

    Wow’! Thank you super easy!!

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