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Wedding hairstyles for medium long hair tutorial Bridal prom updo Gibson tuck roll

JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK www.facebook.com Страница В КОНТАКТЕ vk.com *** In this Holiday autumn / winter 2012 heatless hair tutorial I’ll show you how to do a Gibson tuck / roll great for New Years eve and Christmas. This is a timeless sophisticated and elegant hairstyle that never seems to go out of style. This glamorous and chic hairdo is perfect for all formal special occasions and evening events such asprom, homecoming, graduation party, ball, reception, wedding guests. This classic red carpet hairstyle will also look great as a bridal or bridesmaid hairdo. It is suitable for a job interview, for work in the office. *** Hовогодние звездные прически из длинных волос на выпускной, легкие простые быстрые свадебные вечерние прически дома на длинные волосы прическа ракушка, своими руками на каждый день, высокие прически на средние волосы, на волосы средней длины, быстрая укладка волос для выхода в ресторан, для съёмок, коктельная причёска для фотосессии, фотосъёмки, балла, вечеринки, плетение косы, деловые офисные прически на средние волосы, прически на длинные волосы за 5 минут Modne fryzury z dlugich wlosow krok po kroku — fryzura sylwestrowa, na sylwestra, modne, wieczorowe, na wesele, ślubne, na ślub, na studniowke, na impreze Elegante hochsteckfrisuren, schnelle einfache frisur für die schule, für mittel haare, für mittellange haare, frisuren zum selber machen für lange haare, für locken, für glatte haare Peinados faciles de moda para cabello largo paso a paso y rapidos

25 Responses so far.

  1. ATHRENTHE2ND says:

    If you look up HeythereApril and find her video titled How to: Gibson Tuck Hairstyle. She shows you how to do this with volume :)

  2. Vickyy591 says:

    bobby pins?

  3. KPOPLOVEZXC says:

    use hairspray :) LOTS OF IT ^^

  4. xarah88 says:

    simple but elegant 

  5. MJNoOn Sa says:

    حلووه ضبطة معي صراحه

  6. leen qb says:

    Hi guys girls please check out my channel and subscribe to me i make music thanks <3

  7. BenyCriss says:

    very nice! :) 

  8. lintang tyas says:

    this is very helpfull

  9. Elisa Simicevic says:

    When you put the first hair pins horizontally 1:22, make sure they are secured on the ponytail rubber band… doing like this nothing will fall or move. Don’t forget the hair spray! =)

  10. bagadre735 says:

    حلوه روعه واااو

  11. ckfkgj369 says:

    روووووووعه ،،،تسلم هالديات

  12. primarfacie89 says:

    Wow, what a super quick and easy beautiful hair style! I love it :) 

  13. navarin123 says:

    it’s like magic how you can do this thing!!! when i try this my self, it get worse every time. TT

  14. venmusiclover says:

    Simply wonderful work! And beautiful hair <3

  15. Xuanthi19991 says:

    thank you

  16. chlxing1198 says:


  17. TheVargas59 says:


  18. Teaney Tiny says:

    Say Selena Gomez 5 times clap your hands five times post this to two other vids check your voice

  19. lew207207 says:

    You mention “after your hair is textured”, explain please

  20. ChaosKarloo says:

    Bobby pins are your best friend.

  21. mannu mellark says:

    how do u do it if u have very long hair? i have got waist length hair and they never fit in there. plzz help me

  22. jokuzy says:

    It probably just won’t work on hair that long. You have too much to ever fit in a hair “pocket”.That’s ok there are plenty of other hairstyles for super long hair. try a nautilus bun or a figure 8.

  23. yasmeenfive says:

    i tried it and it didnt last a few minutes, I have long thick heavy hair so no point.
    It works on short thinner hair!

  24. Rose Lin says:

    can you do the updo of rose from titanic with her haircomb?

  25. Bubbles1007h says:

    Love this video thankyou : ) you are an inspiration to me I am studying hairdressing I hope to be as good as you : )

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