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Wedding Hairstyles for Your Hair Color – The Knot

Looking for a great wedding day hairstyle? Check out some favorites which demonstrates how to create eight different wedding day hairstyles perfect for your hair color. On your wedding day, it is important to look great from head to toe, and what better place to start than with a beautiful hairstyle? Fair-haired brides can go with styles that show off sculpting and detail. Both intricate and simple braids are perfect for blondes. Even a chignon looks dramatic and elegant in flaxen locks and is perfect for showing off a wedding dress with an intricately detailed back. Dark hair should have lots of luster and looks especially effortless when worn sleek and shiny in straight styles or in terrific twists. You can further boost brilliance by choosing the right brush. A boar’s head paddle will distribute natural oils throughout the hair. For redheads, blunt bangs look fresh and really help to show off an updo. Another option perfect for brides with red hair is to go wavy and refined, a look that can be achieved by a good blowout and the help of a medium-barreled curling iron, topped off with a fun veil for great contrast. For thick, black hair, make sure to condition once a month to protect from excessive styling and keep hair shiny and healthy. A sleek, half-up, half-down do is stylish for shoulder-length black hair. For an unexpected, glamorous look, brides with black hair can try a flirty bob created with pin curls

12 Responses so far.

  1. bunnycakes011508 says:

    Great ideas and tips! Thanks a lot. :)

  2. JenDoyleDesigns says:

    hair colour isn’t somthing that a lot of people think much about when it comes to styling for their big day- really good tips!

  3. ashlynelisabeth243 says:

    Sistas? Lol

  4. nigella4me says:

    These are great tips. Girls, check out my channel for anti aging tips that work and are very inexpensive. I started them in high school and NO ONE believes I’ll be 56 in April. For make up to look great, having healthy, young looking skin makes a huge difference. My 20 year old son said I needed to get my secrets out there, especially in today’s economy. Hope you check it out and like it. Love to all.

  5. Indira Medina says:

    I would love a tutorial on that last hair do its just so beautiful and old hollywood

  6. April Chaires says:

    did she just say “u sistas?” 

  7. raynesoleil says:

    Oh my goodness she did! A mess!

  8. toribaby2005 says:

    i’m not a sista but I think that bob was cute as hell lol

  9. energizervanny says:

    I would hate to be a redhead and get called a carrot top.
    Along with being called a sista by a white girl.

  10. L3z420 says:

    Someone should really tell her not all “black”hair is the same.

  11. zeeiggy says:

    I guess afro textured hair doesn’t count as dark coloured hair? Because the tips were somewhat lacking in that department:/

  12. حبيبتي سعويه وافتخر says:

    I have a wedding party the next mons

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