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Wedding hairstyles video tutorial

Learn wedding hair with our new Unofficial school of bridal hairstyling! See the full video at www.thebridalbeautysalon.com.

15 Responses so far.

  1. araxjan says:

    This is great!! Can we request certain styles for tutorials too?

  2. Lati Truong says:

    sure! email me from my website…thanks!

  3. araxjan says:

    Thanks for the prompt response!! I sent an email through your website…
    I’m looking forward to doing your online video classes. I’m currently in
    beauty school and that’ll be a huge help for me. I wish you guys were in
    Los Angeles so I could take live classes =)

  4. Samc0730 says:

    Love your work..what type of comb/brush to you use for teasing?

  5. Lati Truong says:

    I use a rattail comb.

  6. neeta thakkar says:

    hi , love your tutorials, which ironing machine and tong do you use? and
    also syrum moose do you use for tong?

  7. Lati Truong says:

    I use Hot Tools and just hard hold hairspray

  8. faith2392 says:

    So pretty

  9. peque0730 says:

    you did not show step by step

  10. Kitty Duran says:

    why do u skip the parts were you pin the hair, we would like to know how
    you pin them. you should of skipped the parts where you hairspray each
    strand, we know we have to do that. i had no idea what happened to the
    curls. Great talent and thanks for your videos they are real nice, just
    giving u my suggestion and concern.

  11. jing chubz says:


  12. Makayla twordik says:

    That’s really pretty

  13. malaikasmurf says:

    Nice hair style. But you failed to show step by step instructions

  14. Patricia Corvalán says:
  15. emily jolie says:

    why you do like it so easy >_<

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