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Wedding Inspired Hair!!

Hello everyone!! I’ve had a lot of requests to do wedding-inspired hair tutorials. So today I wanted to show you a couple different ways that I would style m…

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  1. pihla01 says:

    The second one is PERFECT, I would love to wear my hair like this when I get married in a year :) Do you feel it looks better when you have highlights on your hair? My hair is all black but I could dye it if it was better that way…

  2. Sarah Severs says:

    that would be SO COOL if Kayli agreed to do it!!!! and film it!!! ahhhhh!!! hope she sees this!

  3. krazyen says:

    my brother’s wedding was on the 24th and i was a bridesmaid. :( too little too late

  4. MackenzieMae says:

    Love your nails!!

  5. steezlove says:

    Katilette’s hair doesn’t curl either. She did a video of the ONLY way she can get her hair to curl. You can find it here youtube. com/watch?v=6n7vbnHkSok

  6. hannahj102 says:

    Kayli your videos are just so calming to watch! I love it

  7. wonerwoman01r says:

    Can you do easy hairstyles for someone with a side parting with long hair please :)

  8. Priscila Ribeiro says:

    And make a video to show us! ;)

  9. MissBeanie96 says:

    So beautiful <3

  10. SnowFairy05 says:

    I think that I will use the 2nd one for my wedding this summer :)
    Thank you so much for you ideas! :)

  11. Silveryback says:

    It’s kind of funny how 11,000 of us have simply watched a pretty lady do her hair. I don’t know why but it’s SUPER entertaining :) And it looks gorgeous, btw. Lovely job.

  12. RukhiSarah13 says:

    I love your nails Kayli :)

  13. araxjan says:

    Highlights add dimension so messy styles look good on hair like that. They don’t show on dark hair (i have dark hair too). On dark hair, sleek clean buns look best because it shines more than light hair.

  14. araxjan says:

    If that doesn’t work out, I can do it for you. =). Search glamourax on facebook and you can see my work. I can do the same styles. Of course if she’s available go with Kayli lol, but if not, I’m in LA and would be happy to do it for you.

  15. Tristan Sacrey says:

    @cinderellybooTV you would be sooooo lucky if she did! :)

  16. shimirabilis says:

    “Softer” not “more soft” otherwise a very nice tutorial

  17. pihla01 says:

    Okay, thanks for the info! :)

  18. Tricia M says:

    Kayli, you are so pretty!

  19. amysimonbiz says:


  20. Frooblefulable says:

    You look like elf princess. :)

  21. debinee says:

    Your voice is so soothing

  22. SaraMaudHair says:

    I think the second is sooo nice

  23. marden94 says:

    So pretty

  24. marden94 says:

    Wish I had your knack with hair :)

  25. arriaa51 says:

    She does everything so soft. I want her to do my hair!

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