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Wedding prom updo, hairstyles for long hair. Свадебная прическа, прическа на выпускной

My second channel with hairstyles! Мой второй канал с видео уроками причесок! http://www.youtube.com/womenbeauty1Ru Мой первый канал с видео…

25 Responses so far.

  1. Natalia García says:


  2. lourdes zetina says:

    Wow,beautiful !!!

  3. Inas Al Kafajy says:

    its gorgeous !!!

  4. mercedes de la tuuri says:

    Muy hermoso 

  5. mercedes de la tuuri says:

    Muy hermoso 

  6. Malahat Rostai says:

    Niceeeeeeeee love it

  7. Arlethmp Jimenez says:

    Sos magnific

  8. Raneem Alkadi says:

    Where did you get your mannequin from? I’m really inspired by it I have a
    mannequin but not as good as yours!

  9. Jia Ali says:

    Can you do a tutori

  10. Jia Ali says:

    Can you do a tutorial on a five strand braid updo +womenbeauty1 

  11. Ann V.V.C says:

    i wish i can do that!!

  12. Aynur Elimerdanli says:

    Super ♥♥♥

  13. อีเกิ้ง เดือนห้า says:
  14. wolfsangeleyes says:

    I love how you twists strand of hair and create the most beautiful

  15. Alessandra Sorbello says:

    Bellissimo!!! Davvero Brava ♥

  16. Shefa canada says:

    amazing, pretty ,,,,,,,thank you for you are the best teacher ever

  17. Aashish Agnani says:

    Thank u so much for sharing

  18. Mishy loves says:

    very nice! but I get confused when I twist the hair :/

  19. lauria007 says:


  20. Christine Frank says:

    what do you call this braid twist? Very cool

  21. shania356 says:


  22. iram sayed says:

    I like this video but.. it is more better if there is voice of how to make
    this hairstyle…

  23. lois stefany correa wilson says:

    es hermoso!! pero como haces para q el abultamiento con el cardado te quede
    tan bien siempre q veo los videos ese pedazo siempre lo adelantan he
    tratado pero cuando lo voy arreglar para q no se vea el cardado baja el
    volumen y no queda asi tan perfecto como lo hago que hago???? o no
    adelanten en ese pedazo 

  24. Janicah Tolentino says:

    Oh my God!!!!!!!!!! I love it! This is really uhhh-maziiiiiinggggggggg!!!!

  25. irene10984 says:

    Hi love this kind of hairstyles but I want to know what hair colour is

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