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Wedding Savings Tips: Hair, Makeup, Invites, Flowers

TheFrugaliciousShow.com Check out our site and subscribe to our channel! Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com To see Judy’s question to The Frugalicious Show click here www.youtube.com To see Judy’s answer to Bitsy and Erin’s question how to save money on hair and makeup click here www.youtube.com Information on how to save money on wedding and special event planning. Save on invites by going directly to the manufacturer rather than a stationary store. Sites like InvitationConsultatnts.com often have special deals bit.ly You can also order print your own kits for printing at home. Save on flowers by skipping the middle man, order from Costco.com bit.ly or from WholeBlossoms.com bit.ly Or save by using silk flowers, some of our favorite sites are Budget-Bride.com bit.ly TheBridesBouquet.com bit.ly or even Amazon.com amzn.to The Frugalicious Show is a web tv show that helps you live the best possible life while spending the least amount of money. Bitsy and Erin share budget-friendly lifestyle tips on The Frugalicious Show, and Larissa shares hot deals every day on Deal of the Day. Learn how to live a Frugalicious life without sacrifice. Have a Frugalicious find you want to share? Leave a comment! [music] BITSY: Hello Frugalicious fans, I’m Bitsy Jennings, and today we have a very special show for you. ERIN: That’s right, my name is Erin Brooks, and today we’re talking about something that always makes me tear up. BITSY: Paying retail? ERIN: I wouldn’t know, I

12 Responses so far.

  1. itsjudytime says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I’m going to check out my local costco for flowers :) Never knew that was even an option. Thanks for all your help

  2. emalyce89 says:

    Since you also live in the Seattle area, you can also check out Pikes Place Market for flowers! Those ladies are so talented at flower arranging and the bouquets are very inexpensive (around $5-8 for a huge bouquet!) Hope this helps too! =)

  3. TheFrugaliciousShow says:

    you bet Judy, we’re always happy to help!

  4. akapus2915 says:

    i want a frugalicious cup

  5. Sarah Sam says:

    Wow, you two woman are so beautiful! Nice video, you are funny 2! =D

  6. TheFrugaliciousShow says:

    Should that be our next giveaway? A Frugalicious Show mug? Who would enter?

  7. xamourette says:

    i jst wanna say you ladies are a life saver! I jst got engaged this month and the weddingg is due in june , due to my pregnancy, everything is on a fast forward button and i dont have time to plan or save much, if theres anything else u can suggest, i`d b glad to hear about it, because 3 months isnt long enough o.o

  8. TheFrugaliciousShow says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and the baby! So exciting! With the wedding coming up soon you might be able to take advantage of last minute deals! Check out our site for more money saving tips on weddings and special events (the blog section). Also, stay tuned because we’re posting Weddings part 2 and 3 later this month. Also, send me a message or leave a comment on a blog post if you need help with someone specific! I’m happy to help!

  9. MsLovin2010 says:

    Thanks for this video. I’m a bride to be and liked all of your saving tips.

  10. akapus2915 says:

    I dont know how many people who enter for the giveaway, but anything with your logo on it would be cool

  11. TheFrugaliciousShow says:

    Sneak peek! Thanks to your suggestion I’m posting a video in a few hours where I’m giving away three Frugalicious mugs! I hope you enter :)  Thanks for watching! – Larissa

  12. Alpha Male says:

    I just happened to come across your youtube page and thought I would drop a line.

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